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Portugal is a haven for paedophiles and...

Editor's Note: The original article was first published by the Daily Mail under the title "Why Portugal is a haven for paedophiles." The editing and/or modification of the original was done to accommodate additional information relevant to the subject of pedophilia and pederasty in Portugal with official involvement.

Portugal is a haven for paedophiles, pederasts and other freaks

The engine of a Ferrari sports car makes a distinctive sound produced by its turbocharger system, but when the children kept at Casa Pia (House of Pious) which is the most famous --and infamous-- Orphanage in Portugal heard the car roaring down the driveway, great fear swept through the dormitories. The sound of the Ferrari's engine could only mean one thing for them: A man known as "the doctor" was coming to call. Arriving at Casa Pia, an Orphanage in Lisbon where no less than 4 thousand children are cared for behind high stone walls, "the doctor" (Joao Diniz) would summon selected boys and girls for examinations one night each week. After checking that the selected children were not suffering from any sexual infections "the doctor" would be joined by Carlos Silvino, the Orphanage caretaker known also as "Bibi" who at the "doctor's" orders, would usher the unfortunate children into a waiting van. He is currently in jail. With "the doctor" following behind in his Ferrari, "Bibi" drove the van to luxurious homes located in prestigious districts where leading members of Lisbon high society and government officials live. At these homes the innocent and helpless children were repeatedly and savagely abused sexually for extended periods of time. This activity continued for years without those knowing about it keeping a profound silence under serious dead threats made by the Portuguese police. According to medical records, the injuries suffered by the victims were great and horrific consistent with sexual assault and violent rape of the children. The existence of this criminal activity became to be known as the "magic circle" within the corrupt Portuguese establishment, connected with international paedophile enterprises that were "purchasing" boys and girls from the Casa Pia Orphanage for their subsequent exploitation in other countries.

What relevance does all of this and more have with the abduction and disappearance of Madeleine Mc Cann in Praia da Luz which is about 280Km. From Lisbon? And what does this and more mean for Gerry and Kate Mc Cann who are not only coping with the tragedy of losing their child, but have been also victims of an evil and vicious Portuguese campaign of lies, smear and dangerous false accusations related to the disappearance of their daughter? There are two important reasons to be looked into the present case:

1. These facts are proof that Portugal has been and continuos to be a strong magnet for international predatory paedophiles and pederast organisations from around the world, who take advantaged of the country's lax laws and government corruption to prey on innocent children.

2. Paulo Rebelo, an urbane and methodical detective who lead the Casa Pia paedophile inquiry is now the new boss leading the investigation related to the abduction and disappearance of Madeleine Mc Cann.

Paulo Rebelo replaced former police chief Goncalo Amaral, who is the leading voice calling for the imprisonment of Gerry and Kate Mc Cann for the supposed murder of their daughter, as part of his strategy to cover up and protect the lucrative paedophile criminal enterprise in corrupt Portugal, of which he was (or still is) part of as a government functionary. In an effort to make up for the corrupt, amateurish, irresponsible, and fatal police performance that cause the lost of vital evidence during the first hours after the disappearance of Madeleine Mc Cann during Amaral's police leadership, Mr. Rebelo has recruited his own team composed of savvy officers ranging from real professional computer analysts to homicide specialists with a reputation for leaving no stone unturned. According to sources, Mr. Rebelo launched furious private attacks on officers involved in the original investigation, and even accused them of being "narrow minded" about what really happened in the case and who was or wasn't guilty. So after months of courageously and intelligently resisting an assortment of ridiculous and nonsense accusations from the clumsy Amaral-lead police, Gerry and Kate Mc Cann are no longer the sole focus of the investigation lead by Mr. Rebelo, although the "arguido" (suspect) status still firmly in place against them as a result of the initial unprofessional police performance, and Amaral's intention to side-track our minds from the real facts of the case to protect the criminal interests of his associates. Incidentally, Goncalo Amaral and his accomplices now face criminal accusations in a case related to another missing child -Joanna Cipriano- after being accused by a witness who have pointed at him to be responsible for concealing vital evidence of brutal beatings and savage torture sessions, perpetrated against Joanna's mother for the sole purpose of forcing her to sing a false confession of killing her daughter and dumping the body into the Ocean. This is similar to what Amaral tried to do against Kate Mc Cann when interrogators offered her a "deal" consisting of declaring that she murder her daughter in exchange for a two year prison term. In addition, Amaral and his associates face many unanswered disciplinary questions related to the original investigation of the case and the overall performance of police officers under his leadership, who according to members of internationally recognised police agencies competent in the field of technical investigations --including agents from the Scotland Yard and former members of the M-16 British intelligence services-- the Portuguese police made blunders that contributed to the abduction of Madeleine Mc Cann a successful criminal plan. Among the many blunders the Portuguese police made are the following:

-The Portuguese police arrived at the scene of the crime two hours after they were first informed about the abduction of Madeleine Mc Cann.

-The Portuguese police did not seal off the area properly, and when technicians from the laboratory arrived at the scene, most of the vital evidence was already gone. A large number of people, including curious strangers, were allowed to wander in-and-out of the apartment touching items that could have had prints on them.

-The Portuguese police did not make an immediate public appeal and did not carried out proper forensic searches.

-The Portuguese police failed to alert international border stations the same night and as a result, it is possible that Madeleine was taken across the border inside of a vehicle without being seen. They called the border security two days after the abduction.

-The Portuguese police did not conduct a house-to-house search within the area in the early hours after the abduction, when the perpetuators of the crime or witness, were still likely to be within the area of the rather small village.

-The Portuguese police did not conduct a finger print search on the streets around the hotel; this combined with not sealing off the whole area caused forensic evidence from the abductor to have been lost.

-The Portuguese police failed to search every existing dwelling in the whole village, including empty or closed houses that should have been opened with or without the consent of their owners, as Madeleine was very likely to have been kept hidden not far from the hotel after her abduction, before being taken out of the immediate area or country.

-The Portuguese police ignored a tip provided by a witness around noon time on May 5, 2007 when she saw Madeleine at a road service station, in the company of a dark-skinned man who shoved her into the car and drove off at high speed when he noticed he was being observed. The witness told police she heard Madeleine ask the man in English "can I see daddy soon..?" The Portuguese police responded to the call ten days later.

There were probably more blunders made by the incompetent Portuguese police that undoubtedly contributed to the abduction of Madeleine Mc Cann a successful crime. Many experts have concluded that the abduction could have been aborted had the Portuguese police been professional. They are not. Incredibly, a police source said that considering the level of corruption in Portugal, not sealing off the flat where Madeleine was sleeping could have been deliberate, so as to provide the abductor with favourable conditions in case he needed to return to the crime scene to recover some object he may have left behind! While the shift in the investigation under Mr. Rebelo may ease the intolerable pressure on the Mc Canns, it will do very little or none to reduce their grand distress for as long as their daughter is missing.

In the opinion of this writer, within the context of the theory that Madeleine was abducted on the orders of an international paedophile organisation, the Mc Cann family should not have any hope or trust on the Portuguese police as they are involved in covering up their own corruption and paedophile scandals. They are more concerned with that than with finding Madeleine, and it is very possible that they don't want her to be found or the case resolved by others outside of their jurisdiction, because it would shatter their whole fallacious inventions which only purpose is to keep up the present status quo as a shield to protect the international reputation of Portugal and prevent people around the world, from thinking of their country as a paradise haven for paedophiles and other freaks. This is likely to be what is truly behind keeping the stupid "arguido" status against Gerry and Kate Mc Cann; the Portuguese know that for as long as the "arguido" status is kept on them they wont be free to tell us the real stuff we all want to hear. For these and other reasons, the author believes that individuals who write pieces like this and publish them for the world to read, are doing a valuable contribution to an aberration that's lasting too long and must end as soon as possible. We want Madeleine Mc Cann to be found and returned to her family and home where she belongs.

Pedro Namora is a native Portuguese man, a former resident of the Orphanage, and an eye witness of eleven rapes on minors who were tied down to their beds. Mr. Namora is now a criminal Lawyer who has stated categorically that individuals in the Portuguese police and government have conspired to suppress evidence fearing damage to the country's reputation. "Portugal is a paedophiles paradise," said Mr. Namora who is currently campaigning on behalf of the victims at Casa Pia. "If all the names come out it will cause a social earthquake in Portugal. There is a massive sophisticated paedophile network here, stretching from common employees through different government departments, including the judiciary and the police. The network is enormous and extremely powerful. There are judges, ambassadors, high ranking politicians, ministers, police officials, bankers, ruling elite members, and others involved in the paedophile network here. It will be extremely difficult to dismantle the structure. These people protect each other as they know that if one of them is arrested all will be arrested. They don't want anyone to find out what is really going on in Portugal," he declared. Mr. Namora now age 44, watched in sadness as friends he grew up with sank into alcoholism, drug addiction and death as a result of their traumatic childhood experiences at the Orphanage. "I was the only one who made it and I couldn't keep silent," he said. He has received dead threats and warnings by the police every since he started campaigning on behalf of sexually abused children, and exposing the Casa Pia as a "supermarket for children." Mr. Namora believes the scandal brought to light will underline Portugal's growing attraction to paedophile groups which are suspected to be connected to the abduction and disappearance of seven children in Portugal, including Madeleine Mc Cann.

Another witness of sexual crimes committed against children at the Orphanage hell is Costa Macedo. Mrs. Macedo, a former government Minister, kept silent for years after being told to expect her sure dead if she spoke about what she knew. "The caretaker ("Bibi") was just one element in a huge and powerful paedophile network that involved people in important government positions. It wasn't just him. As the official caretaker of the Orphanage, he was the procurer of victims for well-known and wealthy individuals in our society ranging from diplomats, politicians, people in the media, and others," she said.

Amid the Portuguese paedophile network scandal and evidence that it has become endemic in Portugal, the Interpol declared the country as the worse offender in Europe. The Casa Pia Orphanage paedophile case may not have a direct link to the abduction and disappearance of Madeleine Mc Cann on May 3, 2007 in Praia da Luz, but the sick social environment pervading in Portuguese society associated with paedophilia being allowed to operate with official consent, is the root that provides the conditions for that criminal activity to exist in Portugal. It is within the context of this background and the poor police performance and corrupt attitudes in the investigation of Madeleine Mc Cann's abduction, that led to the bungled results we know now. For all of these and other reasons, the author categorically declares that Portugal is a haven for paedophiles and other freaks.