jueves, 27 de marzo de 2008

The sea and Madeleine

The sea and Madeleine

The web site located at www.internationalmensorganisation.info contains information related to paedophile millionaire men living on luxurious private yachts anchored at high seas, from where they order the "purchase" of children to become their personal property and sex slaves. According to the information, these paedophiles carry on their activity at high seas to avoid public view or detection of their deeds.

Some months ago, the Daily News of London published two different articles with photographs showing the exact place at a Portuguese beach location where an eye witness saw a child covered up with a blanket, being handled by two men who gave it to a couple waiting on a speedboat anchored near by that minutes later, took off at high speed into the sea with the child on board. This information was given by the eye witness to the Portuguese police on May 5, 2007 --two days after Madeleine Mc Cann was abducted. The Portuguese police ignored the information and kept focusing instead on accusing her parents of killing their daughter, while the Portuguese media orchestrated the official version in unbridled ways that demonised Gerry and Kate Mc Cann with great intensity. Incidentally, the same newspaper published recently some news about a book that former Portuguese police Paulo Cristovao wrote about the Madeleine Mc Cann case in Portugal. In the book, Cristovao categorically and sadistically declares that Madeleine "was dumped in the sea and her body has disappeared forever..." It is really interesting to note that Cristovao's declaration somehow fit in with different theories in which the sea highlights at conclusions related to the veil of evil mystery surrounding the whole case. How does Cristovao know so much in detail about the sea in connection with the abduction and disappearance of Madeleine? What does he know regarding individuals at a particular beach location, carrying a child wrapped in a blanket and then given it to others, waiting on a speedboat that took off fast towards the high sea? Why doesn't he explain this in his book since he knows so much about the sea in relation to Madeleine? This writer has stated more than once before, that many of the unanswered questions related to the abduction and mysterious disappearance of Madeleine, could very possibly be within the Portuguese police itself, and those responsible for the "investigation" that produced nothing but senseless and false criminal accusations against her parents.

In the case of Cristovao, it may be that with his type of criminal background in connection with the brutal and systematic torture inflicted on detainee Leonor Cipriano, as an extra judicial and savage method to force her into admitting guilt just to avoid more torture, and for which he and his associate Goncalo Amaral were both indicted and now must face a criminal trail, his statements inevitably arouse great suspicion leaning our thoughts to think that he probably knows a lot more about the abduction and destiny of Madeleine than what we had previously realised. I ask again: On what ground does he stand on to declare so categorically that Madeleine "was dumped in the sea and her body disappeared forever"? How does he know for sure that is exactly what happened to Madeleine after her abduction? By using common sense one can only conclude that Cristovao does have the answers to these questions since he even wrote a book on the subject. Anyone wanting to write a book must have solid knowledge of the subject to be written about.

According to the Daily Mail, Cristovao has publicly admitted that he intended his book entitled "The Star of Madeleine" to be protective of Portugal as a place where paedophilia has been socially accepted sub rosa while in parallel unofficially institutionalised for at least fifty years, and to infuriate the Mc Cann family. These and other admissions made by Cristovao regarding the contents of his book, reveal a sadist mind and what may be the true intention behind the number of grotesque statements, uttered for the purpose of creating a momentarily upheaval, while he can cash in by the sales of his worthless and stupid book. A fair conclusion to arrive at, is that Cristovao is nothing more than an opportunist, unscrupulous and sadist thug seeking personal gain, at the expense of victims who have and continue suffering as a result of criminal deeds committed by those with sick and warped minds whom he defends. Cristovao should be thoroughly investigated for his possible involvement in other criminal activities --besides torturing prisoners-- including the abduction of children, while hiding behind corrupt officialdom as a shield protecting him and those whose interests he truly represents.